Pig Hunting Competition, Dee Sammon’s “pop up” book exchange

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Monday, May 27, 2019 - 7:08am

Good morning all,

Sorry about no communication last Monday, had a great time with the grand kids though!

Haven’t things changed in a few weeks, virtually no ‘roos on the roads, few wet roads though and green to be seen everywhere. Even though there are areas still waiting.

Congratulations to the community of White Cliffs, the Music Festival. Topar willing workers, the Campdraft. And the Menindee community, I believe dancing on the Darling was fantastic.

I’m a wee bit out of touch with happenings, but will catch up I’m sure. We have a big event at Ivanhoe on the long weekend, the “Pig Hunting Competition” with 13 categories would you believe. You’ll definitely enjoy the weekend there.

If you’re travelling through our little town here on the long weekend, then stop off and have a break at our Driver Reviver caravan on the highway and have a chat. It will be open on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Also when passing through Wilcannia, be sure to stop and check our newest business, De Sammon’s “pop up” book exchange, it’s at the Wilcannia Motel, and she’s more than happy to swap books with you. See the attachment. Duck in and have a look.

Looking down the track, don’t forget the Milparinka Gymkhana on the weekend of July 11th. And we’ll fill in between for you next week.

We’ve had some great days but you’d better pull out the woollies this coming week, winter has arrived!

Till we meet again, have fun and check our something you’ve never seen before.  Cheers  Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Tourism. 


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