White Cliffs Rodeo, Cobar “Grey Mardi Gras”, and more

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Monday, March 25, 2019 - 1:02pm

Hello all,

Well, haven’t things changed in this neck of the woods in the last day, it was an election that nobody could call. And guess what? We line up again in May!

The other thing is, regardless, we still drive on the same roads tomorrow and the river still looks the same tomorrow!

And would you believe, we’ll still have a great time next Saturday night in White Cliffs. Remember, “one day Closer”. Dick and Honor have an extravaganza awaiting us, see you there.

If you find yourself in Broken Hill that day, (30th.) then don’t be disappointed, head for the Civic Centre and enjoy a night with “Abba”. Don’t stop at that either, go to the Visitors Info. Centre and those wonderful people will find you heaps to see.

Now I haven’t mentioned for a while, whilst in the Hill, go out to the RFDS Base at the aerodrome, and you can fill in a heap of time and thoroughly enjoy the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, meet some great people, and see for yourself how the iconic “School of the Air” operates.

Moving forward, the Cobar rodeo is on the 13th. April. Nearly April already. Then either side of that is the Cobar “Grey Mardi Gras”. Remember the poster last week? It goes from the 12th. to the 14th.. There won’t be standing room in Cobar that weekend, Sam and the crew at the Visitors Centre will have you rockin’.

We have the White Cliffs Rodeo and Gymkhana on the 27th. and overflowing into the 28th.  And May is another month still untouched!

Don’t forget to check out our fabulous radio stations, they all cover our “great outback area”, and are always there for info and a laugh.

Till we meet again, and who knows there may be a “little” bit of rain in the air, stand out in it and all your aches and pains will disappear!


Take care now, cheers Bill Elliott.   WCTA.


“You know you’re old when they have discontinued your blood type.”