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Monday, March 23, 2020 - 7:53am

Good morning to you all,

I said last week I would find more for you this week. Well guess what? I have!

Please see the glass half full, not half empty. We people out here in the far west, in our little and bigger towns, absolutely welcome you all to poke on out this way. Stop in at any of our towns or Farm stays. We’ve got more towns than you can poke a stick at. Stop off at our many free camping sites. As far as I know there are NO virus cases in the far west, and we prefer to keep it that way. We are going about our business and will stop and say g’day to you.

Yes, true. Almost every event planned out in this vast area has been cancelled. But that doesn’t detract from seeing our wide and varied country side. Drop in to our supermarkets and corner stores, just be thoughtful enough to think of the people coming behind you and leave something for them.

Make your travel time enjoyable by listening to our fabulous radio stations. 2WEB Bourke, covers the whole area on 585. ABC Broken Hill, on 999 in the vast outback, and transmitting in Wilcannia on 1584. Local Wilcannia River Radio,  on 101.3 FM. And there’s Broken Hill’s 2DRY FM on 107.7. So hey, you’ll be up with the latest on any of those radio stations and some really great music.

OK, we’re a bit up in the air at the moment but feel free to ring me if I can help and of course ring any of our fantastic Visitor’s Centres.

Let’s wing it together, support each other, have a laugh, and we’ll make it through. Cheers, Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“The best way to cure a cough is to take a large dose of laxatives, then you’ll be too afraid to cough!”