Full house at Warrawong, more roos than usual ...

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Monday, June 22, 2020 - 7:27am

Good morning all,

Well winter is certainly here, but then we knew it was coming, throw another log on the fire!

I think we have more travellers on the road at present than we did last year, and speaking to some of them, they're just getting out and enjoying travelling round our great state.

A 'full house' out at Warrawong last night and all happy and heading hell west and crooked.

Now if you are heading Broken Hill way at all, then you must poke on out to Silverton and congratulate Peter and Patsy on attaining 10 years serving customers. Well done you two! And he’s skiting he can do another 10!

Have you heard the great idea up at the 'Back O Bourke' Gallery? Well Jenny and Steve have organised 2 hour flights over the Bourke area to take in National Parks, the mighty Darling river and heaps more.

You need to go into this website,  www.backobourkegallery.com    and see for yourself 'cause I'll be bound to get it wrong, and hope you can be part of the fun.

Only another week now and restrictions will be further eased and access will be available to more Information Centers and recreational areas. We may have a bit of a hiccup down south of the border it seems. A few too many cases popping up down there. So please don't relax on the basic principals of  'wash the hands, keep your distance', and be sensible about the whole thing.

If we can get our state through till the end of July we can all congratulate ourselves and find things are pretty close to normal.  

I know none of you should be travelling on into the dark, but if you find you have to, please be aware of a few 'roos about. Have noticed quite a few more lately, you really don't need to hit one.

Speaking of travelling, remember you're never alone when you can tune into our fabulous Radio stations. Write them down! ABC Broken Hill 999. transmitting in Wilcannia on 1584, and ABC Dubbo on 657. Then 2WEB Bourke covering half the continent on 585. 2 FM stations, Wilcannia River Radio on FM 103.1 and Broken Hill 2Dry FM on 107.7.

Look you're probably sick of me by now so have a great week, the quickest way to learn about a town is talk to someone in the street! Make a new friend, and take care. Cheers, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“Don’t wait till you are rich to be happy. Happiness is free.”




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