Lot of rain, dirt roads out, flowers soon, and more

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Monday, September 21, 2020 - 6:43am

Good morning all,

How good was the rain? Heaps more than I thought, and a great relief to our far west area. You’ll see fresh flowers everywhere in week or so. And speaking of flowers, remember I said to check out the ‘Sturt’s Desert Pea’ ? We did, it wasn’t there! Sorry about that.

Of course that means all dirt roads in our outback area are out of bounds for a few days till they dry out. Please check with the local council where you are. And please don’t think “I may be able to get through.” Someone then has to come out and rescue you, we’ve had big rains all over.

Now I haven’t mentioned the Wentworth V. I. C. of late, so if you go into the link I’ve put in here below you’ll see what the girls down there have in store for you.

https://visitwentworth.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/wentworth-visitor-centre-1. They have heaps going on.

In a similar fashion, Jane Frazer down at Deniliquin, is organising that “Deni Ute Muster” somehow! Go to the link again as I am not very far up with it!!

info@deniutemuster.com.au  Have a look at the link and I’m sure you’ll have fun.

Up to Bourke now, Jenny has the “Back O’ Bourke Gallery” teaming with visitors, as is the “Back ‘O Bourke Exhibition Centre”. Heaps to see up there, and you can relax on a leisurely cruise on the P V Jandra paddle

steamer, check it out.

When you get to Broken Hill. Remember you have to stick to the bitumen! Go and see Patrick and his team at the V. I. C.in Blende St. Their new hours are below.   

Extended hours for VIC, GeoCentre  They’ll look after you there and have you on the go for a week or more. Don’t forget “Silverton” and “Mt. Gipps Resort”.

Since you have to stay on the bitumen, you can still wander out to Menindee from Broken Hill, why not stay the night. Stop in at Nyngan and see Katie at the Railway Museum, have a yarn to Sam in Cobar, next to the Post Office, they’ll both look after you. A coffee at Emmdale Roadhouse on the way through to Wilcannia where we can offer you a choice of 2 Motels, 2 Caravan Parks, really nice coffee at the “Cooee for Coffee” centre in the main street, top Chinese meal at the Golf Club and all the help you need by ringing! Your next stop then is White Cliffs, bitumen remember. See Rob there at the caravan Park, he’ll do the rest for you.

Have to hand some closures at Mungo National Park, again, have a look at the link above.

Remember the mammoth Garage Sale I mentioned. Well it’s definitely on, 21st./22nd. November, and 115 Councils are taking part. I’ll bet you are in one of those councils when the time comes.

Just met a lovely couple off the bus, they’re having 2 days here in Wilcannia and we have the pleasure of showing them around, how good is that!

Must away now, have fun for the week, and remember dirt roads are out!  Till we meet again,  Bill Elliott.    Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


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