Call out to Nyngan, Cobar, water under the bridge?

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Monday, March 2, 2020 - 9:37am

Good morning to you all,

Thought I’d try and be some help again for the 2020 season, which we are going to make into a great success for us all.

Now, as you may imagine, I’m starting from a flat start. Went down to Ivanhoe on Saturday for a 90th. Birthday. Caught up with heaps of old faces and wished Thel al the best on her special day. Great bunch of people in Ivanhoe, they have their next Truck Show in October 2021! So don’t get excited yet.

So you good people out there, I need you to rattle across the keyboard, and let me know what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Jenny up in Bourke, Katie in Nyngan, Sam in Cobar, and the girls in Wentworth, Jane in Deni,! Calling on all my “girlfriends”, I need to get the ball rolling.

On a broad note, we are anxiously waiting to see the water trickle under the bridge here in Wilcannia. Shame the weir is not in place. (scheduled completion Dec. 2019!!).

St. Pat’s Races are only a couple of weeks away in Broken Hill.

Now there’s quite a bit going on in April, but leave it to me and I’ll sort it out. Also, I’m far from a weather forecaster but I am told on good authority there’s some rather significant rain coming around Wednesday. So, careful on dirt roads especially the Cobb highway, and the river roads either side.

By the way, we are very fortunate in the back country to now have a “Flying Vet” who holds clinics every month in our Central Darling Shire towns. Ameliah Scott from “Coona Coona” is now servicing the whole area, so don’t hesitate to call her, from an unwell pussy to preg testing cattle.

Better be off now, but I’ll be back and looking forward to hearing from you all.  Cheers, Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


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