Louth Races cancelled, Mundy Mundie Music Bash postponed to September

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Monday, July 19, 2021 - 11:07am

Good morning everyone,

Again it’s Monday morning and probably just as well. We have the ‘cursed covid’ popped it’s head up at Mildura over night.

This could have big ramifications for our Far West Area Health so please be very careful to follow the rules set out by our medical team to the ‘T’.

If you see a Removalist Van with Sydney or Melbourne on it, give it a wide birth!

The general rule at the moment seems to be, stay put unless you really have to go somewhere. Having said that as far as I can find out, you can still move round the greater part of the state as long as you don’t go into or come out of a lock down area. This being basically the eastern coast up to south of Newcastle.

Please listen to our local radio stations, and they are, ABC Broken Hill 999, in Wilcannia 1584, or Dubbo 657. Regional, Broken Hill 2BH 567, Bourke Outback Radio 585, Wilcannia River Radio FM103.1. They are all there to help you.

Expect some really cold weather out in this neck of the woods this week, could be a bit of rain too so check with the local council area for any road closures before you tackle a dirt road, no point in being bogged with no shovel and no campsite.

If you haven’t heard, the louth Races have had to be called off, as has the Mundy Mundie Music Bash, it’s been postponed till September.

Not much help to you this week, but we’ll get there eventually. Cheers for now, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“The good thing about procrastination is, you always have something planned for tomorrow.”