Benefits of staying home

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Monday, May 18, 2020 - 5:42am

Good morning all,

Was watching the news tonight and it occurred to me how easy it is to get carried away in our own little circle.

Sure we can’t go off and visit our friends and relatives, we aren’t able to go down to our club and have a draught. But we tend to not realise there are hundreds of people just in our own state who have been completely burnt out. They have been living in a borrowed caravan for months, using not only household items but also clothes that have been donated to them.

They are not worried about when the restaurants and cafes are opening, they can’t afford to go to anyway, or haven’t one within cooee of them.

Social distancing and exercising in the park means nothing to the hundreds of cattle producers who had all their cattle herd washed away in floods in central Queensland last year and left with absolutely no income.

We still have our homes, we have our families, we have tried new ways of living through necessity, that may even become part of our future life and probably for the better.

Kids are being schooled at home and probably learning life skills in a home environment that they would never been exposed to at school.

Parents, and in particular mothers out here in our outback, have been juggling housekeeping, cooking, teaching a couple of kids, mustering, and “have you got a minute love?” for years.

We haven’t lost a single friend, relative of family member out here in our great region with this pandemic. Is it such an inconvenience that we sit down together as a family at night instead of going out for tea.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being simplistic. I’ve certainly raved on long enough!!

Now, I’m going to give you a website that Jane Frazer down at Deni. Sent me.   Go in and have a look, she and her band of helpers have heaps going on. I can’t include it as an attachment. Nothing to do with my ability of course!

And a big thanks to Michael in Broken Hill too for your encouragement mate. I think there’s merit in gradually letting people move around our country in motels and caravan parks, but trying to limit patrons in restaurants and cafes to 10 only, I feel may need a couple of good sheep dogs really early in the piece.

So as we go on into another week, ensure that glass is half full not half empty.  And what fantastic weather we have in front of us this week. Cheers for now,  Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.