Lots of travellers, Sturt Desert Pea season

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Monday, September 14, 2020 - 11:43am

Good morning all,

There are certainly a lot of travellers on the road, it’s so good to see, and strangely, none of them seem to be in any hurry. Happy to stop and have a yarn, learn what they can go and see, be guided to things they haven’t even heard of.

One such lovely couple I spoke to yesterday had just come back from Peery Lake, and said there is more water up there than you can poke a stick at! Bird life for miles, wild flowers all out and blooming. You can walk out to the mound springs I believe. And it’s only a bit over 100 Ks. Up the Wanaaring road? Give it a crack!.

Now in the other direction, Rob Gregory is running his “River Boat Tours” down at Menindee, every Wednesday and Friday, good on you Rob.

The Community Markets have started again in Broken Hill, started last Saturday, I know that’s no help to you, but check with those wonderful people at the Broken Hill Visitors Centre and they will put you right.

I have been assured by Melissa at the Family Hotel up at Tibooburra that the Gymkhana has unfortunately been postponed. But they are still planning on having things happening up there. And lets face it, you can easily put in a few days just poking round Tibooburra, great place.

We came across this bit of news today. You see, there’s an “Annual Garage Sale”, it’s Australia wide, and it happens in 115 Local government councils. It happens on the 21st. and 22nd. November. I’ll work on more info. But you are bound to be near one of them at the time.

Don’t forget to look out for patches of Sturt Desert Pea in your travels, as I said there’s one patch at the Dry Lake turnoff  on the White Cliffs road.

Now last but not least, any of you who are coming through our little town here at Wilcannia this week, we again have the services of the RFDS Clinicians doing  Covid 19 testing for locals, travellers, and truckies alike here opposite the oval on the highway. If you are coming from a doubtful area, don’t take the risk, drop in and be tested and have peace of mind. You can always slip round and have a coffee at the ‘Cooee for Coffee’ trailer too. Why not stay the night then ah?

Hope you all have a great week, bit of rain coming Friday, just so you know!   Take care of those you meet, till next week. Cheers Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“LAZINESS: The willingness to risk dropping everything you carry rather than making two trips.”