Good water in our river now

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Monday, May 11, 2020 - 8:29am

Good morning everyone,

I hope all the mothers had a wonderful day yesterday. A belated wish from myself.

Well, is there some light on the horizon? Have heard a few in our network predicting that once things are relaxed, there are many couples with the caravan hooked up, fuel in the tank, and finger on the key! (well almost!).

If this is the case, we certainly can’t turn on events for them immediately, but just think. If they turn up we can certainly welcome them and make them feel comfortable. Make them feel they are Important to us.

Rest assured, when the traffic starts, it will be the ordinary every day Aussie that’s travelling out here, as has always been the case. Going from north to south, going from east to west, and all places in between.

We won’t see Chinese or Asian visitors standing in our streets with their “App” working out what to see.

We will see curious couples in most cases longing for a local to come up and greet them. Give them some local knowledge, and point them to some place they may not have thought of.

They will be looking at being treated in a friendly manner in our shops. In a manner that makes them think, “ hey, we’ll come back here again”. And guess what? Their impression will spread.

If the optimistic members of our outback are correct, and we soon see the “grey nomads” on our roads again, then let’s hope the DON’T STOP signs on our towns very smartly disappear. Some decisions are ill founded.

It seems work is progressing really well on our Cobb Highway now and completion date is looking to be on the horizon. There’s a big thanks to go to a very small group for enormous persistence on this project.

Really good water in our river now, so don’t forget all those Farmstays along the mighty Darling river. They will be looking out for you, might even be able to supply some bait!.

Now, I know the above could go to custard if there’s a secondary outbreak. But come on, that glass is always half full, not half empty.

I would be very interested in any quirky ideas any of you may have to get going when the time comes. Share them with me and I’ll pass them on. We’re all part of the same group, trying to assist each other.

Well, all the best for the week, it’s getting better all the time, and who knows what another week will bring. Till then, have fun, ring a friend, visit an elderly person and put a smile on their face.

Cheers,  Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“I was in a pub and heard a couple of old blokes saying they wouldn’t feel safe in an aircraft if the pilot was a woman. ‘What a pair of sexists!’, she wouldn’t have to back the bloody thing.”