Passing through town

Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 10:10am

Michelle Johnston and  Matthew Pulloz were travelling from Brisbane to Darwin, which is probably going the long way round, and stopped in at the Driver Reviver stop here on Monday 1st April for a coffee.

The reason for coming this way was because they are eloping and their families don’t know about it!

They are planning a stop over at Uluru for their wedding. Michelle and Matthew  will be staying at a farm stay while at Uluru. They have arranged to   have a celebrant meet them there where they will be married. The  people from the farm stay have agreed to step in as witnesses.
Michelle and Matthew’s plans created a bit of excitement amongst the Driver Reviver volunteers, it is one of those community activities where you never know who you will meet or what their story will be.

Left: Michelle and Matthew with Driver Reviver volunteers James Peterson-Williams and Jodie Barry.

Photo courtesy Fiona Peterson-Williams