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Rain, check dirt road status

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Monday, August 10, 2020 - 5:35am

Good morning to you all,

It looks like ‘Huie’ has stepped in and dictated the week for us. Wide spread rain over almost all of our vast great area out this way has left you all to stick to the ‘black’ line as all the dirt roads are and will be out for I would say most of the week.

Now, having said that, it’s not the end of the world by any means. Yes, I know you can’t toodle up and down the river, that’s a no go. But what’s wrong with a leisurely trip from say Wentworth up to the fabulous Tibooburra or vice versa? and all the stopping points along the way. This includes Broken Hill, where you duck off to the side and have a look at Menindee, slip out to Silverton, and Mt. Gipps, and on up to Tibooburra, all on the bitumen.

But wait that’s not all. If you’re coming from “the inside country” you have Nyngan, 2 days there no trouble. Up and back to Bourke, (on bitumen), there’s 2 or 3 days gone. On to Cobar, at least a day or 2 there. Coffee at Emmdale and you’re here with us. So up and back to White Cliffs, (bitumen!) a tour there with Rob, dinner here at the Golf club in Wilcannia, a quick yarn to Jo at Topar and you’ll need a few days to get over it all in The Hill.

On a more serious note, please be careful on dirt roads this week, if there’s any doubt DON’T go on them. If you get stuck, remember someone has to go and rescue you and someone else has to repair the road. I know you will respect that. Don’t forget also, only Telstra NextG with the blue tick work out in this area. Don’t get caught out.

Which brings to point another mind, make sure you listen to our fabulous radio stations out in our back country. We have everything you need to know and listen to on our  ABC stations, 999 Broken Hill,  1584 Wilcannia and 657 Dubbo. We have the truly outback Bourke 2WEB on 585. Wilcannia River Radio on FM 103.1, Broken Hill 2 Dry FM on 107.7, and Broken Hill’s own 2BH on 567.

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Latest announcements: Fire Alerts

Road Conditions in the Wilcannia area

Tilpa to Wilcannia road: call 08 80 915 155 (Central Darling Shire)

Tilpa to Louth: call 02 6836 5888, AH 0427 894 843 (Cobar council)

Bourke to Louth: call 02 6830 8000 AH 0419 722 055 (Bourke Council).

From Wilcannia to Tilpa there is a choice of east or west side. On the east side there is a good National Parks camping ground called Horse and Coaches, about 45k's north of Wilcannia. AT Tilpa the only road is on the west side.

St. John’s Catholic Church Liturgy
Every Sunday at 10.00am
Sister Flo’s Thought of the Week:
 No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, Yield. Life isn't tied with a bow, it is still gift.
Wilcannia Lifeline—Men’s Shed
Wednesday—every second , 72 Woore Street.  Financial and legal services + assistance with other problems including mental health and gambling addictions
It’s time you joined us – out the back.

Journey to the rugged natural beauty of Outback NSW and explore unsealed back roads, wildlife-rich wetlands and ancient stories that stir within the harsh and fragile landscapes of its national parks. Walk in the footsteps of early explorers and the region’s Aboriginal inhabitants to discover inspiring itineraries, deals and offers that will have you wanting to go back for more time and time again.  Read more: National Parks and Wildlifessd

RV: Grey and Black Water Disposal
Situated on the Barrier highway, adjacent to the football oval, on the Broken Hill side of the town, easy access. Also on Cobar side as well.rv-waste-disposal-1.jpg


For latest information on services, roads, tours and events, please call Tourism Association on mob. 0429915467, or make an inquiry via the contact form.

National Parks and Wildlife

national-parks-and-wildlife.pngParoo-Darling Visitor Centre Tel: (08) 8080 3200

The Coach and Horses campground is open all year round.  This exception is that this area is susceptible to road closures due to flooding and rain.

Coach and horses campground PAROO-DARLING NP

It’s such a pretty spot by the majestic river red gums along the Darling River. We did a bit of fishing, but didn’t manage to catch anything – lucky we brought plenty of supplies with us.”

In a delightful, shady spot next to a bend in the Darling, the Coach and Horses campground offers a bush camp with views up and down the river.

Spend the day exploring the river in a kayak or canoe or enjoy a spot of fishing. If you’re walking along the banks of the river, be sure to keep an eye out for the local birds.

See the Relevant National Parks links (section, below)

Coach and Horses campground has sites for caravans and camper trailers, so it’s a great place to stop on your drive tour of outback NSW. Plus, it’s equipped with barbecues and picnic tables so you can enjoy lunch or an evening meal with a scenic view.

Relevant (Regional to Wilcannia) National Parks links

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Warrawong on the Darling

Warrawong on the Darling is located on the banks of the Darling River and offers modern cabins, powered caravan sites (some with water frontage) and bush camping. The modern amenities block, beautiful scenery and lush grassy sites along the natural lagoon and river provides travellers the comfort they long for.

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Dee's Happy Little Street Library

Now available - Dee’s Happy Little street Library is located in the Wilcannia Motel.

In area where book shops and libraries are many miles between, we are open to all who share our love of reading and books.

We have children’s and adults books and would love you to pop in & say G’day.

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